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  1. SnakeWrangler

    Nuzlocke Survivor: Hoenn - Official Thread

  2. SnakeWrangler

    Nuzlocke Survivor: Hoenn - Official Thread

    we gamers
  3. SnakeWrangler

    Nuzlocke Survivor: Hoenn - Official Thread

  4. SnakeWrangler

    Nuzlocke Survivor: Hoenn - Official Thread

  5. SnakeWrangler

    Fun Lolcat revival thread

    I can... Haz... Cheeseburger...?
  6. SnakeWrangler

    Nuzlocke Survivor: Hoenn - Official Thread

  7. SnakeWrangler

    Nuzlocke Survivor: Hoenn - Signup Thread

    gamers we gamers now (in)
  8. SnakeWrangler

    Hiya! Im new and would completely LOVE answers to questions.

    Welcome to the forums! People use various emulators to play ROMs. Unfortunately (due to potential ToS violations) we cannot provide ROMs or their locations, so you will have to research that on your own. Randomizers are just tools that do what they say on the tin - anything from Pokemon...
  9. SnakeWrangler

    First World Problems

    I'm out of work, the job market is understandably horrendous right now, and my lease is running out and I really don't want to renew here if I don't have to. But until I get a job somewhere I have no idea where I could move...
  10. SnakeWrangler

    Introductions and Departures Thread

    Moderator reminder that even on this day of jokes and japes it's still against the rules to violate Rule 1 by making underhanded remarks about other users, even in an otherwise joking post. We're here to keep it clean, not use the holiday to bring others down.
  11. SnakeWrangler

    Announcement April Showers bring New Mod Flowers 💐

    And I woke up and said, "This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! My God, what have I done?" And now they are again.
  12. SnakeWrangler


  13. SnakeWrangler

    Comic Original Pubkemon

    I feel like I've told you before but I love the simple charm on this. The punchlines are short and sweet and it's a real refreshing read in general.
  14. SnakeWrangler

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Plenty of Johto's problems have been gone over in detail but going by the thread name I propose: The starters are boring as hell to use, I'm fine with monotype starters but when all three are and have barely a movepool outside of their STAB + Normal it's really hard to get excited to use them...
  15. SnakeWrangler

    Discord whyyyy

    Discord whyyyy
  16. SnakeWrangler

    Screenshot Teen [MW2] The Lonely

    Robert Frost, more like, Robert Frosty because all this gave me chills u should know
  17. SnakeWrangler

    Screenshot Mixed Media Mature [MW2] The Outcast

    Hey Robo where is the rest of him?????? You can't just do that????? Also I can't believe Tobias is unironically the type to try and study our (modern day) culture by looking at really old memes and going "what the fuck does this mean"
  18. SnakeWrangler

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Witch - Inheritance

    hey glace this is good I just wanted to tell u I can't quite put exactly into words bc those are hard but I like the things you do with Yuura just like, her observance and the kinda-calm-kinda-not-but-still way she's going about this new world. It's real neat is what I'm trying to say