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  1. RadiantBeam

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    I recently learned that Sceptile is a pure Grass type after spending years thinking it gained additional typing for its third evolution like Swampert and Blaziken. For some reason I just assumed since they gained additional typing, Sceptile did as well and never double checked it until my...
  2. RadiantBeam

    Brand New Generic Post Your Team Here Topic

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire nuzlocke with 5 badges and 3 deaths so far! My team going into Winona: Sea Hawk the Swampert, level 36 Glimmer the Loudred, level 35 The Horde the Swalot, level 35 Lonnie the Golem, level 35 Angella the Altaria, level 35 Micah the Lileep, level 35 ... Can you tell I'd...
  3. RadiantBeam

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Apologies for the double post (?) but an update: I did get Lileep revived, and the game counts meeting him as an encounter in Rustboro City, so I'm going to box the Numel and try to raise this guy up and hope he survives long enough to be useful. Thanks for the input!
  4. RadiantBeam

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Darn, they moved that to the post game? Drat. Guess I'll have to hold out for a route catch for either Electric or Grass, then.
  5. RadiantBeam

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Yeah, my biggest concern by far this run is I don't have an easy counter to Water type Pokemon and I have a lot of weaknesses to them, and they start getting distressingly common past a point in the game. That said I think I should be pretty close to whenever Wattson asks you to go to the power...
  6. RadiantBeam

    What’s the reasoning behind your nature?

    I'm just generally a pretty calm person. I try to keep everything chill and keep a rein on my temper, which I think probably comes from working in a job that involves managing people/being one of the older members in a few of my Discord servers.
  7. RadiantBeam

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Could use some team advice. I'm up to Meteor Falls for my Alpha Sapphire run, and since I caught a Zubat at Granite Cave Lunatone was basically my only catch option, and now I have a bit of a dilemma. The current team: Marshtomp, level 29, holding Soft Sand: Bide, Mud Shot, Water Gun, Mud Bomb...
  8. RadiantBeam

    Video Games Popular Pokemon Opinions

    Hoenn was the first region I played when I was actually old enough to really appreciate the Pokemon games, so the generation's always had a special place in my heart. The music especially has always stayed with me, and it's made my Alpha Sapphire nuzlocke a lot of fun because the tracks still...
  9. RadiantBeam

    Video Games Popular Pokemon Opinions

    Everyone says the Pokemon games have awesome soundtracks, and I agree. A lot of people say Hoenn has some of the best music of the older generations, and I absolutely agree. The music in Hoenn is so good that most of the time I don't mind leaving it on for grinding.
  10. RadiantBeam

    Music  What are you listening to?

  11. RadiantBeam

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    This is a bit of a minor rant after I got Cosplay Pikachu on my Alpha Sapphire nuzlocke and immediately found out online she's basically useless, but my God I am so sick of Pikachu being in almost every generation. It actually had a use in its original generation as a decent early game Electric...
  12. RadiantBeam

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Commentary Sinnoh After Dark: A Neophyte's Blind Platinum Nuzlocke (Fight All Night Remix!)

    I live! I die! I live again! Dunno if you remember me, I commented here a few times before losing track of my account. I got wind of the new forums and immediately started hunting this run down and spent all of yesterday catching up. Can’t wait for more!