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  1. Fullmental

    [SPOILERS][SWSHCL] Let's Nuzlocke! Pokemon Sword Edition (Part 2)

    Part 2 is now out! I had wanted to get through the first badge, but unfortunately the beginning is kind of long - so we're only about 3/4 of the way there. We'll finish Gym 1 next time, I promise!
  2. Fullmental

    FAQ  New User Guide and FAQ

    Thanks! This seems to be a issue with the scraped content from the old forums. Let me submit this to our forum scrape team and see if they can get it fixed for you. It may be a few days to a week before I can get a response back to you.
  3. Fullmental

    FAQ  New User Guide and FAQ

    Hi there! I'm not aware of any issues with Photobucket. Could you provide the links to a few sample images and I'll see what's up? The tribunal is a fun little quiz that sorts you into one of three teams on our forums, based on your play style and personality. We've got a resouce with a full...
  4. Fullmental

    [SPOILERS][SWSHCL] Let's Nuzlocke! Pokemon Sword Edition (Part 2)

    Welcome to my let's play style video run of Pokemon Sword, for our Sword/Shield general communitylocke! I believe this goes without saying, but reading beyond this first post means you may encounter heavy spoilers for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you would like to only watch as far as you've...
  5. Fullmental

    First World Problems

    Wait, I just realized Pokemon and Star Wars both come out at the same time... Well great, now what do I do play first?! This is an impossible decision!
  6. Fullmental

    Bug Report General

    Yes, this has to do with how some of the word processors handle new lines/CR/LF characters, and xenforo has stated in older feedback threads that they will not be fixing this behavior. In order the get around the issue, make sure you toggle bbcode *off* using the gear cog in the reply options...
  7. Fullmental

    Written Story Voice Work Apps Closed The Writer's Locke -- Reader Auditions

    It's awesome to see a project like this entering a pilot stage! I've entered an audition, and I wish you guys luck on the first episode. I can't wait to listen to the first release!
  8. Fullmental

    Note: if you have questions like these in the future, please feel free to post them in our...

    Note: if you have questions like these in the future, please feel free to post them in our suggestions or FAQ threads, as we can't guarantee a staff member will see your status update! We'd also get the opportunity to respond in more than 420 characters!
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    Hey there! So, unfortunately there isn't a way we can open up embedding Pokemon showdown...

    Hey there! So, unfortunately there isn't a way we can open up embedding Pokemon showdown replays. It would require us to allow html or iframe embedding of the website itself, because showdown uses it's own server side and client processing to render the battles. Unfortunately, we can't open...
  10. Fullmental

    First World Problems

    I'm re-arranging some of my audio stuff and these XLR cables just aren't long enough to route efficiently. The next longest size is way too much money to be worth it considering I'd need 6 of them... I haven't had any trick or treaters here in years. They all do "trunk or treat" events these...
  11. Fullmental

    FAQ  Want your old threads imported? Post here!

    Looks like this has been done for you!
  12. Fullmental

    Video [UCL2] Wimpy Leaf Green - Take 2 [PG-13]

    Well, here I am again. I've had so many technical issues this year. It's not even funny anymore. Anyway, I lost my project footage going back a good few months on my old "Wimpy Fire Red" run (after already losing a different hard drive back in March when I started *that* one), so the Fire Red...
  13. Fullmental

    UCL Season 2 (2019-2020)

    So, I'm just going to re-post my signup from earlier in the year since it's not listed after the move. I'm basically restarting due to technical issues, but I believe my original start date of March 31 still applies. Can I do this all in 5 months? Probably...Maybe? I don't know! It took me 7...
  14. Fullmental

    Spoken like a true Team Omega member!

    Spoken like a true Team Omega member!
  15. Fullmental

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  16. Fullmental

    Announcement The NuzDub

    I've sent an audition off. Looking forward to more releases soon!
  17. Fullmental

    Introducing the Nuzlocke Forums Tech Team

    Hello everyone! Today I would like to formally announce the formation of a new subsection of the Moderation team called the Nuzlocke Forums Tech Team! The primary goal of the Tech Team is to manage the computer software and hardware systems that make up the Nuzlocke Forums, including, but not...
  18. Fullmental

    Introductions and Departures Thread

    Welcome Egge and welcome back, Bhassa!
  19. Fullmental

    Music  What are you listening to?

    My favorite band released their newest album this week, and this has to be one of my favorite ballads from them, outside maaaybe Far Off Distance.
  20. Fullmental

    Collaborative Apps Open Mixed Media Winter Festival Nuzlocke One-Shot Event

    I am so terrible at long-term projects being out in any reasonable amount of time, but I will try my damnedest to stop endlessly crafting stories that will never be finished and just get this out in a month or two. Challenge accepted.