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  1. Paine

    Happy Birthday! :D

    Happy Birthday! :D
  2. Paine

    Written Story Teen Nuzlocke Halloween Anthology

    Leer Blue Oak has always been a headstrong boy, often contrary for no more reason than to be contrary. But things begin to change, after he, Red, and Makoto choose their first pokemon... Content warnings for:
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    Written Story Teen Nuzlocke Halloween Anthology

    (Thanks @SilverDoe !) Welcome, one and all, to the Nuzlocke Halloween Short Story Anthology! This... is in no way some kind of official event xD This began as a spur of the moment effort on the Storylocke chat group, back in late September. Several of us were playing with the idea of some...
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    Mafia Pokémafia

    Right this game is a thing that's still going Not poisoned, and I guess may as well go on the train we got here? Honestly, Cirr's not much of a risk until we get to like, MYLO or LYLO, their wincon doesn't screw over village... unless they've gotten into contact with maf, but I'm not inclined...
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    Mafia Pokémafia

    Losing two PRs in one night is... this is not encouraging D: but I’m glad it’s at least offered a clear target there. (Who ever would have guessed A Mafia Goon was maf though?!) Not poisoned AND NOT MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE... I got really caught up in things over the weekend so I completely...
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    Late but happy birthday!! Ur a good disc!!

    Late but happy birthday!! Ur a good disc!!
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    Announcement Peace out, y'all!

    Take care out there! Follow the light of your dreams! (Just try not to bash into it if it turns out to be a lightbulb)
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    Mafia Pokémafia

    Keeping it short & sweet bc it's been a couple of days & I've been increasingly worn out through the day. Not Driftblim, not Victini. Doctor being gone extremely fucking sucks bc poison in the mix too, though the comment about maf poisoning their own or being a fake gambit intrigues me, if only...
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    Written Story Sinnoh General God, Guns, Grit, and Gravellers: A Platinum Headlocke (Season 1)

    I am a humble being. I only know the ways of capturing Pokémon in a convenient little capsule, of having them fight each other, and staying to the sidelines. But after reading even only this first chapter, I have the deep urge to go punch a log and maybe a bird. I don’t know exactly what it is...
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    Complaint Writechat: On Staff Transparency, Community Involvement, Etc.

    A follow up thought I had on that (after this was finalized xD) was that- assuming more open discussion on this kind of thing- there could be a role given to members who prove level-headed and genial enough that they could have some extra weight to come in and mediate things when they get...
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    OSHIT IT'S LATE but happy birthday!! Hope you had a good day & have a good year ahead! \ o /

    OSHIT IT'S LATE but happy birthday!! Hope you had a good day & have a good year ahead! \ o /
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    Mafia Pokémafia

    HHhhh ok I’m in
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    :D DESPITE IT TURNING INTO ANOTHER UNFINISHED PROJECT I'm actually feeling really proud of...

    :D DESPITE IT TURNING INTO ANOTHER UNFINISHED PROJECT I'm actually feeling really proud of having decided to step back from HWBHB and instead do B1 proper and actually build up a world for it and W2 to take place in, instead of trying to build it up and build the past in the middle of a single...
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    Mafia Random Mafia Returns

    @Damien thank you still for stepping in at the very end here ^^ That was. A Game now, holy /crap/, and it was wild having to strategize and work invests when I couldn’t be 100% on anyone for a while there. Maf, y’all played an excellent game, this was a fun ride & im glad to have been on most...
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    Mafia Random Mafia Returns

    Thanks for the info Tsu Anyway the only other line of thought I have is if Cirr was an actress, meaning Rue honestly might be the more possible maf choice since they used each other to corroborate their honesty? Idk ETA: nah wouldn’t work, not if we’re allowing Zoro and Serra both to be...
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    Mafia Nuzscrew Mafia 3

    Well I feel less bad doing this before start. Gonna drop out. Don’t think I’ve got it in me after all. Sorry.
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    Mafia Random Mafia Returns

    I'll think things over a bit more... sometime tomorrow, but I have quickly drawn up a thing bc I am not cut out for math to see if it is possible for there to be four villagers left- bc math felt off, but... Conclusion: If I've done my math right... it seems it is actually possible there are...
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    Mafia Random Mafia Returns

    ... I... mafia are you just dragging this out just let me die Anyway. ... honestly I want to try and play this cool bc I'm 99% sure Matte is a remaining maf- as for the third, I'm starting to suspect we've got a godfather in play, bc the math just don't fuckin line up- we're at 3/2/1 now...
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    Late Goodbye

    You've been a great presence in my time around here. Sad to see you go :c But I wish you the best in things ahead, good luck & good health!