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  1. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Ash's Pokemon's Win Percentages

    Time for another season of Kalos!~ I feel things really picked up this season. The 5th, 6th, and 7th gym fights all have things that are really amazing about them, the Clemont battle I still feel is the best Gym fight there is across all generations, and Serena's performances started up too!~...
  2. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Alola General Other Adventure Golden Sun

    Time for ladies to engage in an extreme session of sassing each other
  3. Golden Sun P65

    Golden Sun P65

  4. Prologue: Page  3

    Prologue: Page 3

  5. Prologue: Page  2

    Prologue: Page 2

  6. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Aww yee~ Finally time for you to (re)join the cool kids in the nuzlocke gang!~ Also I am adopting this Cyndaquil already, they are maximum bean!~
  7. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Kanto General Mon Across the Divide

    Ash and Pikachu find themselves in a very familiar situation... In fact, haven't I seen this before? Across the Divide is a Let's Go Pikachu Nuzlocke comic! ...but, this doesn't look like Kanto, what's going on here? Guess you'll just have to read and find out for yourselves!~ Da Rulez If a...
  8. Prologue: Page  1

    Prologue: Page 1

  9. Across the Divide

    Across the Divide

  10. Prologue: Ultra Bonds

    Prologue: Ultra Bonds

  11. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Heroes of Hoenn

    Today is Heroes of Hoen's 8 year anniversary!~ Eight whole years I've been at this! It's about time I did something for it's anniversary~ If you've only read the remake than many of these Pokemon may not be familiar to you, well these are all the Pokemon I caught in the old version of the comic...
  12. Heroes of Hoenn 8 year anniversary!

    Heroes of Hoenn 8 year anniversary!

  13. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Let's have Nidoqueen use Fire Blast!~
  14. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Hoenn General Mon Finding Your Roots

    Everyone needs to join Cedar in hugging Shelly~ She needs it!
  15. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Alola General Other Adventure Golden Sun

    There she is! My baby girl!~ Also looks like it's Ash's turn to be on the receiving end of fun strategies this time!~
  16. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke

    For the record, the bird trio in movie 2000 and these guys are separate people, but these guys aren't as knowledgeable when it comes to other universes as Eve or Arceus, so they didn't know to specify
  17. Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke Q&A 2 Group Questions

    Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke Q&A 2 Group Questions

  18. Golden Sun P64

    Golden Sun P64