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Storylocke Audiobook Project

Storylocke Audiobook Project

Oh that's a tasty watermark. Yeah I didn't bother photoshopping this on my own sue me.

Hellooooooooo nuzlocke forums!

My name is Bigredlittlewolf, and I'm here to deliver the goods. What are the goods you might ask? Why, a new project among a multitude of new projects coming with the tidalwave of the move, of course!

So, You have your quality written run. You have some bitchin' writing, and an active author. You have your active community. But something is still missing. Is it the crowd? Is it the comments?

Well, yes please comment on your beloved runs but stick with me here for the reaction image. It's!

So here's the project.
We're going to take advantage of our sparkling new Youtube Channel and start doing readings of storylockes for the community. If you're like me and having on background noise while you draw, or work, or perhaps a multitude of other things, then you know this has become a pretty popular trend in the last few years, especially Within the-Horror-Community

I think creating a sort of audiobook archive of some of our favorite storylockes will not only allow them to be more accessible, but more widespread within the community. I'm going to slowly be collecting storylockes over the course of the next month, as well as narrators to read off the storylocke. This will be the Hub for all the videos we post and information on the project.

If you have a sweet, succulent voice you'd like to share with the world, or want to help pull in some stories to be read, we would love to have you on the team! Just fill out this application (application link) and we will be in touch soon enough! If you don't have a voice you want to share, but still believe you could be helpful in some way, Message me anyway. We should be able to figure something out!

Current Narrator team includes
Plain Yogurt

Current Storylocke List
None at the moment! Links to be added as we go

Current Artist List
Absolutely Certain

Current Music Man
First release
Last update
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