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Tool Soul Link Utility

A soul link is a nuzlocke where two or more players are "linked" and each play through their own nuzlocke, with their actions affecting the other player(s). Every catch is linked to the other player's catch in that same area. If player 1 puts their Viridian Forest encounter on their team, player 2 must do the same. If player 2's Route 2 pokemon dies, player 1's Route 2 catch is also considered dead. If one player fails a catch and the other does not, the player with the successful catch must release their new pokemon.

Soul links are a very fun way to play through a pokemon game with someone else, but if you're not that bright like me keeping track of who needs to be in the party and who's boxed and which pokemon is linked with which can quickly become a bit confusing. To help keep track of what's what, I've thrown together a spreadsheet that can do it for you. This demo video will show off all the features, and then I'll go over them.

In the first sheet, each player has a table to keep track of their catches. The pokemon and nickname fields are totally independent, but the second player's location encountered, party status, and alive/dead tracker will automatically update to match player 1's. By setting location to match, pokemon are automatically sorted next to their "linked" partner. Setting a pokemon's party status to true will highlight their row in green and do the same to the other player's table. Setting a pokemon to dead will black out the row (all the data's still there, don't worry!), once again doing the same to the other player. These highlights make it easy to make sure each player has the right pokemon in the party and in hell. The number of pokemon in party tracker serves more as a warning system, turning red if more than 6 pokemon have been set to active to notify that there's been a data entry error somewhere.

Due to me maybe not being the best at spreadsheets, the encounter location, party status, and life/death must be updated only on the player 1 table. Manual entry into the second table will break the automatic updating, defeating the point of the spreadsheet. You also have to be careful to not delete anything in these rows in case you enter something in wrong. If an error does happen, it's an easy fix: simply type =(corresponding cell on table 1) into the broken cell.

Each player also has an initially blank notes sheet. At the top of this sheet is a prompt for each nuzlocker's name. Editing this will also add it to the title of the corresponding table. This doesn't really do anything, I just thought it was neat. Taking notes on a spreadsheet isn't the best thing, but having your notes in the same file as the tracker does make things a bit more convenient I feel.

To access the soul link utility, go to this link and make a copy of the spreadsheet. Happy nuzlocking!
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