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Nuzforums Newsletter #1

Nuzforums Newsletter #1

Huge shoutout to @Polymori for all the graphics! Go check him out!

Hi and Howdy, Nuzforums! Welcome to the very first newsletter for our humble forums. This is made to try and keep everyone in the loop on the goings on of the forum, and maybe help you find something new to enjoy! Below, we also talk some about administrative stuff, and how everyone can help be involved in making some changes around here. Since this is the first newsletter, we have a lot to cover!

Table of Contents:
General Forums
Moderator changes — Suggestions forum — Donator role — Teams — Spoiler Ban — Tech Team — Discord changes
Feature Zone
Featurer Changes— Fan Features— New Run Round-up — Featured Run — Showcase Spectacular
Community Spotlight
Contributors — Pokémon Spotlight — Nuzdub — Writer’s Locke — SWSHCL — Top 50 — Critique Levels — Winter One Shot — Blogspot — Mafia — Banner Shop — End of Year Event Announcements

We’ve recently had some changes in our staffing over the course of our forum move, and since we’ve wound down into our new home. We have a staff page here, but if you’ve missed the changes we’ve made a table for you!

  • Chess
  • GarishGarchomp
  • Fullmental
  • Harrie
  • Aurea
  • JL_muserwolves
  • GoGoGogoat
  • Frostmourne
  • Dustox
  • Snakewrangler
  • Clockenstein
  • Zaazaa0
  • Xerxos
  • Bug
  • Embep
  • Furfrou

Last month we released a letter from the moderation team talking about things such as staff transparency, and how we are working to improve our feedback system between members and staff to meet everyone at all comfort levels to participate in a healthy dialogue. Our first step in that direction is now live.

The suggestions forum is a place to have these open discussions with fellow users and staff. You can find a post about the suggestions forum and how to use it here. This isn’t the final change we’ll be making in this direction, as we are still looking to implement a submission form system to allow for constructive anonymous feedback. But until then, we want to keep the ball rolling on community discussion.

Please note, official moderator replies will come via the newsletter. Moderators are still free to take part in discussion in these threads as users while an official consensus is being made.

As we move into 2020, we will be retiring some shiny Donator roles for most users. Some users who donated a large amount may see their donator title sticking around an extra year. These roles are still available for those who want the sparklies and hoisted discord roles back for any amount of monetary donation. We still haven’t instituted a firm system for donations and rewards, but this falls again under the umbrella of “getting the ball rolling”.

You can donate to keep the site running here, and be sure to let us know your username so we can apply the proper role. Easiest way to make sure you get the role properly attributed to you is to shoot a message to a member of staff once you’ve sent the donation our way. These donations are added into our account and saved for continued site upkeep. We’ve got the funds to keep running for a couple more years, but we’d like to not scramble as we approach the end of our e-rent to have our payment ready.

We also still have a hefty sum to donate to charity! For the sake of transparency, no that has not been done yet. We have not yet had a community discussion on which charity to forward these funds to, but it has not been forgotten! Just set aside for a while. This includes a public report for expenses for site upgrades, add-ons, donations and so forth.

If you have any ideas for what you would like to see for donator role perks, please feel free to start the discussion. We’re open to all suggestions; technical limitations may limit us on what we can do, but it doesn’t stop us from trying to meet people where we can.

For those of you all enjoying the team roles, I want to give you all a big thank you for participating! We’re on the lookout for anyone with some spreadsheet know-how and time, or anybody with some cool ideas to chip in to help get points and contests running again.

As for what the hell happened to Porter?

Oh, you know.

As it is we’ll be making Mt. Bravado public access so new users don’t have to scrounge for the team quiz. Shoot us a PM if you’d like to get involved!

The new Pokemon games have dropped! You can see a definite drop in the number of posts on the site since release that is absolutely hilarious. We’re also seeing new runs and posts about the games pop in.

Today, the 15th, marks the lift of the spoiler ban! You are now free to post about the games unspoilered if you would like, and have spoiler image avatars! I hope many of you have had a chance to enjoy the games, and we’re looking forward to your discussions and runs.

We’ve instituted a new team for managing the technical aspects of the forum, and keeping the forum well-greased and functional. If you haven’t seen our introductory post, you can find it here!

Our current Tech Team staff is as follows:
  • Fullmental
  • Xerxos
  • Harrie
  • Chess
  • Bug
The newsletter will help cover our monthly maintenance and updates, like a change log.

-Added Persistant Alerts (Thanks to Mouse & Ilygarden!!)
-Enabled Discord widget on the front page

-Updated "Alert Improvements" add-on
--2.6.5 - Maintenance update - When summarizing alerts hopefully reduce the chance of deadlocking, and if it happens gracefully recover
--2.6.6 - Maintenance update - Compatibility fix for 3rd party add-ons which replace an expected ArrayCollection object with an array

-Updated "Change Content Owner" add-on
--1.1.14 -> 2.0.1

-Disabled thread starter alerts for redundancy

-Pending Updates:
--Multi-Prefix (currently 2.5.8)

We’re bringing back genre specific channels to the main discord server, and rebranding #fcr-zone to #new-run-roundup, in honor of the initiative. While there is still the presence of other genre specific servers, we’d like to provide a space on the server for those who want it, or new users who need a landing zone to start.

We hope the space for discussion on runs and the process of creating them will be welcomed warmly!

We’ve also added in a new music bot, Groovy! Like all of our bots, the commands are pinned in their respective channels on how to operate them.

Are there any roles or features you’d like to see added to the Discord? Feel free to reach out to us in #assistance, or post in the suggestions forum.

We’ve also had some changes in the feature team! If you are not familiar with our feature team staff, you can find them here.

  • Dustox
  • Silverdoe
  • Bug
  • BigRedLittleWolf
  • Kadew
  • RubyClaw
  • Glancesherlock
  • Jimcloud
  • QuietGuardian
  • Cyndakip
  • GarishGarchomp
If you have any suggestions for runs for us to feature, feel free to contact any or all of us with your suggestion! We also have a feature a fan run thread here.

We received a total of 11 fan features since the thread has opened! A big thanks to @Rhema and @Zephyr_Iphis for taking the time to lift up their peers. You go!

Hi everyone, Rhema here! I have a few runs that I follow on here that I have quite a lot of good things to say about. I usually try to shout them out on Discord but I saw this thread and noticed that no one has posted in it yet, so.......I figured I could be the first! I am a written story writer/reader, so all of these fics are written stories. WIthout further ado (and in no particular order), let's get into it!

1.) Electric Sheep by @Minty Electronica

"But it wouldn’t be the same. That was the problem. It would never be the same because everywhere one went in Unova, there were barriers, artificial forests, fake pokémon. All of it was just pretend—one giant theme park for the self-proclaimed eco-friendly hipsters and rich kids to indulge in. And maybe Door was a little self-righteous about that; even she admitted that she might be. But the idea of giving in and going on a journey through an amusement park? To her, it wouldn’t be a journey."

As Minty puts it, Electric Sheep is about a girl and her robots. Follow Door Hornbeam as she begrudgingly sets out on a journey through a futuristic Unova in which actual Pokemon are sparse and robotic ones are the new norm. Door is a down-to-earth MC that you can really relate to, and the cast of supporting characters in this fic are rich in personality and amusing to read about. Minty has quite a unique take on Unova that I think everyone should check out!

2.) Eight & Sand by @Frostmourne

"She had only her nightgown and a sense of direction.

That was all she needed. Had to be all she needed. Sadie couldn’t afford to think, for even a moment, that anything else was necessary to her survival. Even if the ground was hot on her feet. Even if the sun baked her body until her lips cracked and her throat screamed.

It was all she needed."

Frost/Rev really does something special here within this BlazeBlack Gijinkalocke. 8&S is a Western that is both extremely well written but also just plain jaw-dropping at times. The clever and poignant dialogue is really what steals the show in this fic; everyone has a unique point of view and vocalizes it in a way that only their character could. Rev is an seasoned writer that has a great grasp on this funky Western world and everyone who lives in it.

3.) Agency by @Thirteenth

"Something catches in your throat, but it disappears just as suddenly. Your rest your head against Naomi’s neck. It’s darker there, with your face pressed against her skin. You could sleep easily. “Will do,” you hear her say, and you’re moving. Naomi hugs you as she walks, and you don’t pay attention to much after that. You don’t catch any of the words she shares with the man at the desk. You just let your eyes close and hope you can dream."

I am not normally one to enjoy stories with Pokemon as narrators, but Thirteenth's fic is the exception. This is a dreamy Kanto fic mainly from the perspective of a Trainer's Pokemon. This perspective is extremely emotionally evocative purely because of how primal it is. These Pokemon don't think like humans, they think like Pokemon, which I imagine is particularly difficult to depict since, ya know.....Thirteenth is in fact a human. Major props to them for the way they tap into the minds of our furry little friends.

4.) Trainer Watching by @Flopdisc

"High on Mahalo Trail, feet on the cracked lip of a swaying plank bridge but daring to inch no further, Lillie Frost put her trust in a stranger.

It felt easier than breathing."

Trainer Watching is one of those fics that you might write off as just another light-hearted Alola story (especially given its adorable banner), but Flop really manages to subvert expectations here and creates some breathtaking moments with her prose. I will always direct people wanting to write romance to Flop, just because of how damn good she is at it. It isn't cheesy, or eyeroll-inducing, or in your face. It's clever and blush-worthy and is the cherry on top of a super fun, well-written fic.

5.) Pompeii by @OLIVINE ARC

"She looked to the left and saw the way the rain would bear down with unrelenting force against her skin, her mind, stinging and harsh because she could think too much and with too much clarity. The lightning that struck hot white and the clouds the color of charcoal, the storm strong enough to wash the scent of salt away from the sea, the freezing numb of the arm that even crept into her shoulder by the end of it all.

She turned to the right and saw the way the sun near blinded her and left her to shrivel up on the spot like a weed, her mind clouded and smothered under a blanket of heat to the point where she could barely manage a thought. The brown of the grass and the smoke that traveled thickly into the air, the smell of burning and the scorch of pain in the hand that clutched the red orb, invisible third degree burns."

This is a one-shot, but it packs just as much of a punch as a full-fledged fic. Olivine does a flawless job here, to be honest. Every sentence is poetic and striking and really feels like it means something. I can't help but admire all that's gone into making this fic as beautifully written and impactful as it is. I can tell you I'll be re-reading it for years to come.


That's all from me this evening! I plan on coming back and doing a round two for other fics that I love but didn't include for now. I suppose this is obvious, but I strongly suggest checking out one (ideally all) of these fics if they strike your fancy!
Hi everybody, I'm back again with another round of features! These are the rest of my favorite fics that I didn't get a chance to write about the other day. If you're looking for a good written fic to start reading (especially now that comment corner is underway!), this list and the one above it are my best recommendations!

1.) Impulse by @Aurea

"They are everywhere.

Spread across the counter, stacked on the kitchen table, overflowing in the mailbox. They are slowly swallowing our little house, drowning us like rapid flood waters.

I want to burn the damn things.

But that would be rather stupid. That won't change the fact that they are overdue, after all. It won't change the fact that we're facing foreclosure. So a bonfire of unpaid bills is out of the question.

Instead of bank statements, I stand here and watch my mother go up in smoke."

Impulse is the first storylocke I ever read, and these opening sentences are what gripped me from the start. Aurea's writing is incredibly effortless, making Impulse an easy (in the best possible way) read that will make you laugh, cry, and just about everything in between. It's an oldie but goodie and y'all probably have heard of it by now, but I still wanted to include it because it remains my all-time favorite fic.

2.) The Scientist by @cyndakip

"Everyone at the Celadon City Science Lab is pretty careless, if you ask me.

You'd think that one of the world's largest research facilities could afford proper security in every area. I should advise them that protecting the top-secret departments and leaving some of the regular experiments unattended is a bad idea, but that would ruin all my opportunities. I've picked a quiet part of the building, but I still make sure to peek around corners and tread carefully. Overconfidence will just get me caught."

This is a classic, fairly straight-forward Kanto fic with the premise of a scientist's daughter getting thrown into the world of training in order to right the wrongs done to her and take down the evil team that plagues the region. Like Impulse, it's a delightfully effortless read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

3.) C'est la Guerre by @original nickname

"You ever wake up with a screaming headache? I certainly have had that experience before, but usually attributed to having one too many pints the night previous. The throbbing pain in the side of my head was unbearable. How do Psyducks live like this constantly? Maybe I was dead, I mean, falling out of an exploding aircraft would do the trick. I decided to test this theory by opening my eyes. When I did, I wish I hadn't."

As original nickname puts it, "The world of pokemon wasn't as peaceful as we know it today. Decades ago, rising political tensions caused a war that enveloped the globe. This story focuses on the turning point of that war. It's not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. " C'est la Guerre is a WW2-esque espionage thriller that puts a unique spin on the Kalos Pokemon journey. Action-packed and full of suspense, anyone who enjoys a thrilling read will enjoy this fic.

4.) Gracidea by @glancesherlock

"Petals whisper warnings through the wind, kicking pollen around that falls to the ground, wasted. Their efforts fall deaf on my ears as I foolishly peek over their yellow heads. The scent of sea salt and pinap mixes in the air with the nectar. And the sound of stems breaking. There’s a trail of trampled friends leading to a pair of a giant’s feet. A beaded triangle sways on her pack. It is another warning. Humans branded with them only venture out here for one thing. Her eyes fix themselves on me. They’re dark and excited and dangerous. The moment her large finger points in my direction I know it is my time."

Quite possibly the dreamiest fic I've ever read, Gracidea is beautifully written and narrated, by a sweet little Flabebe no less. Glance really captures the Pokemon's spirit through narration spectacularly here, making for an engaging and breathtaking fic that will make you feel all the damn feels.

5.) Carousel by @Garish Garchomp

"When the voice clears its throat, it freezes him in his tracks and ices over his mind. The sky erupts, waves of orchid melding with turquoise before the stars. The horizon expands before him, greedily swallowing the trees and spitting out a sea instead. The wind takes a left-turn, blowing straight in his face now. It's strong enough to wake him from his trance."

Speaking of dreamy fics, Gar really outdoes them-self with this short, enchanting Johto fic that captures the wonder and emotion that surges through Eusine as he experiences the legendary Pokemon, Suicune. I always come back to Carousel for an evocative, enjoyable read that manages to tug at my heartstrings every single time.
I was writing a comment for one of my new favorite runs that got out of hand, so I decided to turn it into a feature!

Solstice by @MouseWithADinosaurTail

Solstice is a storylocke of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. There aren't many dugeonlockes on the forums, let alone written ones, so it's certainly an interesting departure from all the usual fair. But more than gameplay it's based on, what sets it apart is how fun and funny it is while still tugging on your heartstrings.

Despite the very dark setting and some heavy themes, Solstice is often very funny and lighthearted. But nor does it pull its punches or turn the characters into a joke. Instead, it swings easily and naturally between different moods and emotions, with not one sour note to be found. And at least for me that daring pays off in spades by making certain moments more effective for the contrast and never succumbing to any kind of emotional fatigue. It knows when to linger and when to fire back and forth like a tennis match. It’s a really difficult thing to do, but uniquely engaging when pulled off as well as it is here.

Another great strength of this story is all the little details. The way they bring the characters to life, ground the fantastic in something tangible, and frame the action playing out before us. There’s Elaine’s delightfully human perspective on the world and her carefully chosen comparisons and asides that tend to reveal more about who she is and what she’s been through than whatever she’s aiming to tell us in the moment. There’s the way Catrin’s raging and outsized anger is shown as coming from very real and deeply personal hurt and frustration, but how it’s also ultimately futile,self-destructive, and somewhat childish. I’ve seen a lot of stories fail at portraying characters and their emotions in a way that feels true are realistic while still respecting them.
It may be that sensitivity that allows for the careful balance in tone.

Last but not least, I really want to focus on the characters for a moment because they’re the beating heart of this story and they’re awesome. Even all the bit side characters like Mightyena and Quagsire have a lot of flavor to them and feel like fully realized personalities with their own histories and motivations that we just don’t know that much about. And of course both main characters are that much more fun and engaging from the development lavished on them. Their internal struggles feel at least as important as the towering external forces they are pitted against. These two types of conflict also bounce off each other to raise the stakes of both.

The very fist section is such a great set up for Catrin as a character is phenomenal.

He’s bitter, angry, spiteful, pessimistic, and completely drained of hope, but will keep fighting anyway because he doesn’t know any other way. He can’t let go of his sense of injustice no matter how lawless and chaotic his world has become, or how much disdain he has for it. And that’s just our first impression of him. Right after Elaine appears, we get to see a whole other side of him that’s just as interesting, uncomfortable, and full of pathos despite it. Move over brooding antiheroes with a secret heart of gold. Give me my selfish, wrathful asshole who’s going to save a world he doesn’t think deserves it just to get back the life he feels was stolen from him.

He’s such a great character to pair with Elaine who’s selfless, brave, kind, patient, and forcefully optimistic even when part of her knows how bad things are. It makes for an often tense and engrossing dynamic. With Catrin to lead and protect her, Elaine has even more challenges to overcome than she would without him, albeit somewhat different ones. But she’s the kind of protagonist you can’t help but love and root for, sweet and fun and oh so determined to live up to all expectations.

I know amnesia is a PMD staple and people have done a lot of cool stuff with that, but I really enjoy the many glimpses into Elaine’s past and how it informs who she is now. And it’s really fun to have a human perspective on this alien world. Her narration is bursting with personality and no offhand detail feels wasted. Every little joke, memory and observation tells something about her and how she views the world. I love her to bits.

Whether you’re a fan of PMD, like pokemon-centric stories, or just want to read a really excellent and different nuzlocke, I beg you to give Solstice a read. It’s only just getting started and there’s already so much to dig into. Now’s the perfect time to pick it up!
We’d love to see what runs you love to read, and what you have to say about them! (And the people receiving these features love it, too. (; )

October has come and gone, and we are well into November hitting this newsletter. Silverdoe has left the team and retired New Run Roundup, but the initiative is so good we’ve implemented it wherever else we can. You can find a pulse of new runs on the What’s new page! #fcr-zone in the main discord also receives bot updates when new runs are posted, too! You can join the discord here. And if you’d like alerts sent directly to you when a new thread is posted in fan challenge runs, you can hit watch forum here!

We’re bringing in the roundup for our newsletters as well. Let’s take a look at the runs from October 1st to November 10th!

Written log Hoenn Commentary

Screenshot Unova Commentary

Screenshot Johto Commentary

Written StoryKanto

Written StoryKanto

Video Unova Teen Commentary Mon

Comic Hoenn

Written Story Johto

Written Story Sinnoh General

Written Log Hoenn Teen Commentary

Screenshot Hoenn Commentary Hack Mon


Written Story Kanto Mature Gijinka

Video Johto Teen

Written Story Unova Mature Mon

Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka

Screenshot Kanto Commentary

Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka

Screenshot Sinnoh Teen

Comic Kanto General Mon

Written Story Kanto Teen

Comic Kanto General Other Adventure

Comic Johto Mature Mon

Written Log Kalos Mature

Screenshot Kanto General Commentary

Written Story Sinnoh Teen Mon

Written Story Screenshot Hoenn Mature Gijinka

Screenshot Hoenn Commentary Hack

Comic Kanto General Mon

Comic Johto Teen

Written Story Kalos General Gijinka

Screenshot Unova General

Screenshot Kanto Teen

Written Story Kalos

Written Story Sinnoh Teen Gijinka

Screenshot Hoenn

Screenshot Kanto

Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka

Some of these are old faces, and some of these are new! As people discover the forums have moved they’ll be bringing their runs with them. A big welcome to all these new runs!

Our most recent feature comes from RubyClaw, shining a light on Spectacle’s GoT-ta Catch ‘em All!

GoT-ta Catch 'em All!
by Spectacles

A few of you old enough might remember the fringe phenomena called Game of Thrones that reigned supreme over our collective lives for the last 9 years until a few months ago. One couldn't walk the streets without hearing the name Khaleesi, people would lose jobs and friends over the mere mention of spoilers, and the entire internet went mad over which candy or coffee brand had accidently made its way into Westros. To celebrate the end of this show and television sensation, a Nuzlocker by the name of Spectacles who specializes in the creation of the wackiest rulesets you have ever seen, decided to make her own version of Westros, but to make it even better: by adding pokemon into the brew of course!​

You can read the whole feature here!

GoT-ta Catch ‘em All can be found by hitting Join the Discussion on the feature, or by clicking this link.

Come one come all to see our very first Showcase Spectacular!

This event showcases a plethora of runs from our forums, and features exclusive interviews with some of the authors. Over 44 runs are spotlighted in this all new event, so you’re sure to find a new run to love.

We have a handful of Contributors who act as community leaders for events, and head their own unique array of projects to enrich the forum experience for us all. You can find a list of our contributors [here]! Here is a list of our current contributors:

  • Alolan Floatzel
  • Bayporeon
  • Flopdisc
  • Fool
  • MacEnhizer
  • OrdoSkirata
  • Pika
  • Pluslefan
  • Squiggy Azalea
  • Stormer
  • Tailsimp
  • Xj2z9

If you feel you’re a fit for the Contributor role, you can apply for the position here! Shoot a moderator a message once you do!

Our very own Squiggy Azalea has done it again, bringing us a detailed review of Victreebel, Chandelure and Dunsparce in the latest releases of the Pokemon Spotlight!

Changes have also been made to the format of spotlights to allow for easier reading, and more information on the Pokémon Spotlighted such as Suggested Held Items, Team Options, Movesets and Overall Ratings. You can find the spotlight here!

If you’re interested in seeing a Pokémon spotlighted, the submission form is always open!

and keep your eyes open for a special guest spotlight on the way. ;)

Happy tenth anniversary to the official Hard Mode comic! Fool has started his own Nuzdub project, and you can watch the first episode below!

Fool is looking for users to audition their voice talent to the project, as he is currently filling all the roles himself (what a trooper). You can submit your auditions here.

If you love written runs and podcasts, Flopdisc is leading a new project that may be up your alley! The Writer's Locke aims to bring accessibility to storylockes, and chatter about writing that’s sure to be a treat to listen to.

Submissions and crew applications are closed, but the first episode is fast approaching this January 2020. Keep your eye on the scroll and official channels for news about when that drops!

Check it out here!

It’s that time again! A new game has dropped, and our very own Stormer is running a Communitylocke for SwSh. This event will be running until January 12th at 11:59 PM EST. This event comes with it’s own host of rules, and a focus on playing with the community.

It’s not too late to join in on the fun and be a part of the discussion. You can join the event and the UCL discord here!

The top 50 pokemon thread has been a yearly staple since 2014, where users come together to list their top ten favorite pokemon to make a ranking list of the most popular pokemon of the year! This event will be running again for 2019, hosted by Alolan Floatzel! However it will be delayed until early 2020 due to the release of the new games.

Be on the lookout for the thread opening, and vote for your favorites!

For those of you fond of critiquing and receiving critique on your work, a system for tagging your work with your preferred critique level has been established! Thanks to the work of @OrdoSkirata , @Paine , @littlebattler , @MouseWithADinosaurTail and @Rainbow Robin you can now easily tag your content in a uniform way.

Critique levels range from 0 to 5, allowing you an easy way to engage and be engaged at your own comfort level. You can find the guide here!

When tagging your thread, be sure to look in the TAG box, under your main post to find the tags. They are suggested tags, making sure they are all uniform to help optimize search results for those looking to engage in constructive criticism. Please assume anyone not using the tags or otherwise not asking for criticism is not looking for criticism. We hope this system brings your discussions to new levels!

You are all the lifeblood of the forums, and you have some really cool ideas. We’d like to shine a spotlight on some user events we’ve noticed, and we hope you all enjoy them, too!

Paine has put together a Nuzlocke Halloween Short Story Anthology, featuring pieces from @SilverDoe , @JavierE64, @Rainbow Robin and @Paine themself! You can find this chilling collection here.

The holidays are here, and it’s time to settle down and enjoy new games, new friends, and the upcoming new year. But if you’re looking to get one more thing done this year, @Bigredlittlewolf ’s Winter Festival One-Shot Event could scratch that itch.

The goal is to create a Nuzlocke one-shot and submit it on January 1st! There is still plenty of time before the end of the year to join and pound out your own Winter One-shot.

Blogs are back, and content ranges from collections of Nuzlocke runs to Articles to personal diaries. We’d like to blog about your blog a little, to show just what makes our user base so unique!

A Writer’s Rambling and Ranting by @Rumors

Rumors is one of the many talented writers in our community, and uses their talents to give us an informed perspective on the books they read in in-depth reviews. They also speak on a handful of writing related subjects such as critique and general writing advice. These posts are thick and teeming with a lot of fresh insight you may enjoy.​

Starmouse’s Rat Breeding Blog by @starmouse

Rats are actually really sweet and clean creatures, if you didn’t already know! And they’re even cuter babies. Starmouse talks us all through the process of becoming a rat breeder, and some of the history behind it. Plus, you know, there are a LOT of cute rats.​

Mafia has kept a steady stream of games going for the past few months, and @Alolan Floatzel has kept a handy record of all the stats of these games for everyone to look at.

At 12 finished games as of November 22nd, Mafia has taken two victories from Village. If you’d like to jump in, keep an eye on Festival Plaza for new games, or join the discussion in #festival-plaza on the discord!

@Xita has opened a thread for those seeking new banners to find someone, and those looking to create them to advertise their availability! We used to have a thread similar to this back on Zetaboards, so a big thanks to Xita for taking the lead and reimagining it for Xenforo. If you’re looking for a new banner, or want to get involved for some commissions or community bonding, I heartily recommend you look here!

The 2019 annual Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza is soon to be underway! This year going forward, the date on the extravaganza has been moved to start on January 1st to leave room for the Spectacular, NaNoWriMo, Inktober, new game releases, and other general holiday festivities.

Starting on the first of 2020, the Extravaganza will open for a promotional period, with more info contained within the thread on how to participate. During this time you will also be able to opt out from participation by contacting a featurer to have your name placed as Ineligible on the nominations ballot. The deadlines for participation and opt-out will be outlined in the thread.

We opened the new forums on June 4th after a five month process of moving from our old host. Since then we have had 942 users join together to create the new Nuzlocke Forums! This means, on average, we have had 42 people join per week since we opened the forums up.

For a forum opening nowadays, that is truly incredible! As we come up on 1,000 registered users, we want to thank you for joining us and making our community an excellent place to be. We also want to remind you of the Nuzlocke Reddit, and all the Nuzlocke streamers and Youtubers! Little communities like ours have to stick together.

I thank you all for making the forums what is is today, and I look forward to seeing many more new friends join us!

The annual New Year Resolutions will be opening soon! It will stay open for a month before being hidden in the archive until next year, so don’t miss your chance to post your resolutions.

That’s all from us for now, Nuzforums! Thank you for taking the time to check out all the cool things going down in your forums. We’ll be shooting for monthly newsletters to keep you all up-to-date on what’s going on all across the forums.

Until next time,
Good luck and happy Nuzlocking!
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