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  • Me: I should just label my GoT run as a storyshot run, because that's essentially what it is.
    Also me: ...But then you can't hide behind the 'it was just supposed to be about gameplay' excuse if things go bad.

    And that's the tea.
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    I can relate to this sort of thinking for my coming run :)
    Maybe one day we'll be brave enough!!
    My boyfriend is currently using an extremely effective method of positive reinforcement where every time I write one page of my paper, he makes me a mixed drink and I get to take a 15 minute Smash Bros break unleash my anger on these time-wasting assignments.

    The quality of my paper is rapidly deteriorating with each page, but hey at least I'm getting it done!
    I almost posted this question in the public Discord, so this is the...sixth? time that I've almost outed this early.

    To those of you reposting runs: are you keeping old reply responses? And are you posting all the updates in their own separate comments?
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