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  • New Wrapping Machine: *Acts up*

    Boss: *Tries in vain to fix it*

    Me, with most experience on machine: "Need help?"

    Boss: No, I got this.

    Me: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    Boss: I don't need your help!

    30 minutes later, turns out all it needed was a restart after all.
    Me: Yeah, unfortunately, it's been a while since we've had a sale on this item. Hopefully we'll have one again soon.

    Customer: Yeah, ain't nothing ever on sale anymore. It's all the democrats fault. We ought to shoot Bill Gates for giving us this virus.

    Me: *swiftly moves to the next customer*
    Me: I don't need this old computer chair anymore. Let me set it next to, rather than in, the apartment dumpster so if anyone wants it they can grab it.

    Weather: But what if I suddenly decided to rain an hour later? Like, really really hard.
    Anyone want any Breeject Growlithes? Got a fox full of them along with a trio of good ones: two high IV females in Level Balls and an accidental defensive Trick Room abuser (Intimidate, Bold, 31/x/31/31/31/0). I'll take most anything for the regular breejects (other than some common ones like Feebas except rare ball females) though would like something better for the worthwhile trio.

    All are IV marked.
    Curious. Would anyone be interested in a sort of "Max Raid Night" where we just go around wrecking every max raid in the Wild Area? I'm thinking about hosting one or two of them this month since there's so many G-max out and about. I'm not expecting this to be a long term, recurring thing though (unless someone else took the reins).
    Well, got the new cooler installed on computer, only took about two hours since I basically had to nearly take the thing apart. But, it's been up for four hours with no problems, so I think my computer is either finally fixed or it's just lulling me into a false sense of security.
    Update on computer: nope, PSU wasnt the problem. Based on behavior, I *think* I know the problem (one I'd be fixing anyway) and that part will be in a few days. If its not that, then 90% sure it's the mother board.

    ...still cheaper than buying a new comp or paying a pro to analyse and fix it...

    Bright side, parents are letting me borrow an old desktop of theirs. So, at least I'll be able to write and study.
    Welp, I've had some serious computer issues lately, which I assume was from the power supply unit. New one arrived today, got it replaced in about an hour and a half and system booted with minimal fuss. So, if system manages to stay up all day, then I'll consider my computer fixed.
    Anyone here willing to do (what I think is) a simple banner? I could probably photoshop something up, but someone with actual artistic talent would probably do a much, much better job.

    I'm imagining something involving a couple of silhouettes and the title text.
    So, I discovered chocolate soda was a thing. And I decided to try it. And it's... okay. Kinda tastes like a tootsie roll in soda form. Prooobably not worth the $1.57 per bottle though.
    That awkward moment when you decide to reread your own, finished run and spot an uncomfortable number of previously missed errors from a time you weren't as good of a self-editor.

    Well, at least I'm through a third of the chapters cleaning them up now, along with the occasional prose tweaks and minor continuity fixes.
    So I just arbitrarily decided to sit down and try to beat Super Mario World without touching any blocks. It's... slightly more impossible than I expected.

    If you go minimal run, Star Road from World 3 catches you only on 3 levels. Star Road from 2 catches you on 5. A more direct route, detouring through Vanilla secret, catches you on 4 is you have godlike cape flying skills. Otherwise, 6.
    Just a heads up, because this bit didn't make the cut, but remember that Time Skips run on diesel and not unleaded fuel. Using the wrong fuel can cause your time skip to break down and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhen.
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    Thanks to the power of the clearance rack, I can officially confirm that organic imitation Oreos are superior to gluten-free imitation Oreos.
    That awkward moment when you're revising a chapter and you get nailed with multiple, unrelated ideas for side projects. >.>
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