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  • Anyone here willing to do (what I think is) a simple banner? I could probably photoshop something up, but someone with actual artistic talent would probably do a much, much better job.

    I'm imagining something involving a couple of silhouettes and the title text.
    So, I discovered chocolate soda was a thing. And I decided to try it. And it's... okay. Kinda tastes like a tootsie roll in soda form. Prooobably not worth the $1.57 per bottle though.
    That awkward moment when you decide to reread your own, finished run and spot an uncomfortable number of previously missed errors from a time you weren't as good of a self-editor.

    Well, at least I'm through a third of the chapters cleaning them up now, along with the occasional prose tweaks and minor continuity fixes.
    So I just arbitrarily decided to sit down and try to beat Super Mario World without touching any blocks. It's... slightly more impossible than I expected.

    If you go minimal run, Star Road from World 3 catches you only on 3 levels. Star Road from 2 catches you on 5. A more direct route, detouring through Vanilla secret, catches you on 4 is you have godlike cape flying skills. Otherwise, 6.
    Just a heads up, because this bit didn't make the cut, but remember that Time Skips run on diesel and not unleaded fuel. Using the wrong fuel can cause your time skip to break down and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhen.
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    Thanks to the power of the clearance rack, I can officially confirm that organic imitation Oreos are superior to gluten-free imitation Oreos.
    That awkward moment when you're revising a chapter and you get nailed with multiple, unrelated ideas for side projects. >.>
    Customer, on the phone: "What do you mean I can't get 25 lbs of rump roast right now?"

    Me, thinking to self: "Have you not stepped out of your home? Watched the news? Gotten on the internet? Read a newspaper? Spoken to anyone? Am I seriously your first contact with the outside world in the past month or so?"
    Debating on whether to start up a silly screenshot, randomized locke using some of my old randomized rules. It'd be a side-project if I did though.
    The year is 2020 and I have just now, for the very first time, created a Google Doc.
    Okay, this is getting silly. I can't even step out my front door without hearing little kids screaming at the top of their lungs at people to buy Girl Scout cookies.
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    Some flavors are good but they’re a little bit overrated. I can see how it can be annoying if you pass by a spot where they’re selling them every day. F
    Cookies? Good. Little girls learning about capitalism? Vicious, relentless. As a child I talked my teachers into buying far more cookies than they ever needed or likely could afford. I wish you luck, friend. You'll need it.
    I mean, I have no issue with them normally and usually buy a box (although it being $5 this year is kinda pushing it on my current income). But, they're in front of my store constantly, in front of every other major store, and at every busy intersection this year. I just wanna be able to go to and from work, ride the bus, or take lunch breaks without little girls literally screaming at the top of their lungs at me.
    I'm not sure what happened, but it seems the few chapters I had from when I attempted a sci-fi novel a decade ago have been snapped out of existence. Inexplicably missing from my back-ups even.

    I don't think I was going to pick that one up again, but huge shame and big loss of sentimental value.
    d'angelo russell
    d'angelo russell
    aw man that blows - any chance you can reconstruct them from memory? one time I rewrote an opening chapter for a different project after I lost the pen drive I'd stored it on.
    I'm confident I largely could, especially since all of my supplementary files, like details on technology, survived. I'd lose the original writing style, characterization, and so forth, however, so wouldn't work to compare to my writing today.
    Playing Explorers of Sky again and, I just gotta say... Shinx is super friggin' overpowered. Not even through the storyline yet and I landed a neutral crit on a boss for ~450 damage.
    Rivalry + Intimidate + Charge -> Discharge = pwnage incarnate
    Don't have Discharge yet but am looking forward to it. That hit above was just Charge + Spark against Spiritomb. I've not used it yet, but I did get the Thunder TM at the very end of my last play session. Charge + Thunder + Concentrator's accuracy boost is sounding delicious.
    Okay, so, if I don't start writing for realsiez on my storylocke on Monday now that holidays are over will someone please shoot a Hyper Beam at my face?
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