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  • feel a lot better about this than i did but - that moment when a youtuber whose videos have helped you deal with tricky things, who you've admired for years, starts on a twitter thread that is complaining about ppl like you and basically saying they fear for the future b/c of ppl like you

    it comes across as hurtful ngl

    on the plus side ppl on the nuzlocke discord are lovely and i want to give them all hugs
    finally updated after like a month of feeling bad and creatively sterile and mourning my lost save file

    Got as similar a Starter as I could on my new storyshot save file! To keep it consistent, the "new" Jay had to have his HA, a character-fitting Nature/trait and an awful Atk IV so I didn't advantage myself

    Jay on the old lost save file was Rash, Could Take Hits and had Long Reach, HP IV was 0, Atk was 5, others were high

    The new Jay has Long Reach and is Quirky, V Finicky. HP IV is 16, Atk is 1 and SpDef is 1 (oof)
    have a new laptop - by which i mean the cheapest second-hand windows one I could find after hours of searching - so i can get back to redoing the reborn save file and restoring my work bit by bit ayyyyy
    So because I've lost so much data, but still have some buffer updates (up to Gym 1), I'm going to have to put my run on hold for a little while until I can get a PC which can play Pokemon Reborn (the fangame the run is based on) and get a save file back up to speed. It's going to take a bit of work until I can get everything up to speed, though... this sucks so much...

    I'll put all of this on my run's thread, too
    My laptop has crashed for good and my backup USB corrupted, so I've lost:

    - My storyshot run save file
    - Nearly all my screenshots
    - Newer rewrites of future storyshot updates
    - HoFs from my completed nuzlockes in Insurgence, Solar Light and Flora Sky

    I know a new laptop can help me recreate the storyshot save and the buffer updates can be redone, but losing the HoFs hurts too... it's almost like I've lost friends
    ugh trying to update and the imgur links are in the wrong order so i have to redo it and change the fonts to custom and why is this so time-consuming
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