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  • Okay, this is gonna be a long shot, but is there anyone who lives in Missouri who has a truck/vehicle that can tow a small u-haul trailer? I’ve got one sitting in my front yard area that I gotta return by Monday morning, but the only vehicle i have to tow it broke down last night
    Postponing the next chapter update of Blazing Waves until sometime Monday, cause it’s still in the middle of editing and I’m not in a good brain state to do editing rn. Sorry folks ;-;
    Worcestershire sauce is good, but I don’t recommend drinking it straight from the bottle unless you can handle the heat
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    THANK YOU GAME for giving me the frozen black screen of death and ending that white run. I had *just* cause a woobat too. >.> fml
    Doing a NFE White run! Gonna post updates here in the status and over on run discussions on the writing discord; current team so far is oshaworr, Lillipup and Pansear! Just beat the first gym, lost my Patrat to a 3x work up lillipup ;-;
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