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Recent content by Bug

  1. Bug

    Going live working on my artfight que [MEDIA]

    Going live working on my artfight que
  2. Bug

    Comic Kanto Mon Untraveled Road - A Randomized Leafgreen Nuzlocke (IT'S BACK!!!)

  3. Bug

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Burn Away [an X gijinka comic]

    This comic has made me ugly cry, again.
  4. Bug

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run

    WHOOP THERE IT IS. I am SO ready to see Peddle yes yes yes
  5. Bug

    Comic Unova Teen After The Ashes: A White 2 Nuzlocke

    There is this like, deep sense of vulnerability from both sides where like... Tori is acutely aware of the fact that they are both very capable of being hurt... and I feel like Tori would rather it be her than them.
  6. Bug

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Dude strikes me as the kind of guy that, if this was irl, he would be sharing his non-dairy milk cereal with a bird that will absolutely outlive him
  7. Bug

    Happy birthdaaaaay!!

    Happy birthdaaaaay!!
  8. Bug

    Comic Kanto General Gijinka Pocket Space [a FireRed gijinka comic]

    So like, does this mean mew/mewtwo is a fully artificial being? Atleast, that’s just my theory at the moment. 🤔
  9. Bug

    Art Comic Written Story Let's Play Fan Teen CMYK - A Pokemon SWSH Rewrite

    Waiting for Jump to show. Seems like something chummy parents in a smalltown would do hahaha.
  10. Bug

    Comic Hoenn General The Power of Pouvoir (An OR/AS Nuzlocke)

    Oooooooo, I was thinking the electricity effects were already really cool before, but that dramatic lighting is *chef kiss*
  11. Bug

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

  12. Bug

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    The light in the bracelet is a really smart design choice! it gets what it needs to across without making your life difficult, hahaha. You’re right, less complex is absolutely better for designs you’ll have to draw over and over and over. The design traits you choose to keep are super memorable.
  13. Bug

    Comic Hoenn General The Power of Pouvoir (An OR/AS Nuzlocke)

    I love how Milo seems so amaze by this huge room, but doesn’t seem to have seen an electrode before so Watson just blends into the room. Also, the uh, steep drop offs on the side are a little worrying.
  14. Bug

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run

    GO PEDDLE GO!!! Also I love how chill he is seeing a wild nidoqueen when he just has a spearow and an eevee. Normally, you’d think someone would just nope out, but here he is!
  15. Bug

    Comic Hoenn Mon Nerd Alert! A very dumb Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

    I feel like all the gears are turning in their heads like: “is that a pokemon or a really elaborate fursuit?”