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Bowser's Family Vacation

September 12
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Cool
Pokédex Entry
"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"




Updates the first Thursday of every month!​

Updates every other Sunday! Banner by Picket Furret!​

Cairo | Paris | Wellington | Berlin | Kenya (Nairobi) | Moscow
Naming theme: capitals of countries.
Deaths: 4.

Lettuce | Jello | Spinach | Escargot | Sandwich | Stromboli
Naming theme: food.
Deaths: 2.

Naming theme: characters from Pokemon Colosseum and XD (the Orre games).
Deaths: 22.
Additional rules: Wonderlocke, hard level limits.

Barclay x Sarek | Kes x Archer | Chakotay x Troi
Naming theme: "Star Trek".
Deaths: 6.
Additional rules: rainbow wedlocke, hard level limits.

St. George | Adolph Malan | Robert Walpole | Tamara Mellon | David Attenborough | Ethel Snowden
Naming theme: famous British people.
Deaths: 9.
Additional rules: blind.
Team Borealis

Level 28

Level 28

Level 27

Level 27

Level 29
Orion said:
Dear Mother,
I am investigating the tome I found in the library. I hope to update you on my research as the investigation continues. In the meantime, I hope this joke is of use to you. What does the professor say to the student when they are late for class? "Comma on."
Your Child,

P.S: I have joined up with a group of other Pokemon, as you have recommended in the past.
Chapters 1-2: Heirs of Fate | Chapter 1.5: Rest and Relaxation |

Art by Zero!​

Don't you hate that AO3 doesn't allow apostrophes in pseuds? :(

The comprehensive Google Doc of my favorite Pokemon.

I also do Photoshop.


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