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  • I'll also inform you guys of a Non-Nuzlocke comic I've been working on lately, and I might make a thread here about it, should there be a non Nuzlocke/Pokemon centric part of the forum that would allow me to.

    Sorry for the double status posts. I reached my character limit in the last post, and had to make a second one to fill in the parts I couldn't add in the initial status post.
    Ah... I didn't noticed that category and ended up submitting my art thread on the Blog part. Must I contact a moderator to move it to Creative Content?
    I think the blog area would be the appropriate place for an art thread anyways, since as far as I know Creative Content is more for stories, so you're probably fine.
    Ah, good to know.
    I'm back. Sorry if I've been inactive... I'll hopefully try to be more active here than before.

    In fact, I've recently created and followed a weekly schedule where I would submit one of my drawings each Tuesday. I'll create an art thread where I'll share these works I did.
    Yeah, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker was awful. You know what else is awful?

    Happy Lifeday, everyone!
    It's soon gonna be Christmas. Let's celebrate with an SFM retelling of A Christmas Carol.

    So, I've started playing Pokemon Shield, since I wanted to give these games a chance. So far, it's not the worst game, but it's not that good, although I have yet to beat the first gym (but my GMax Eevee is already over Level 30 because of these broken Exp Candies. O.O). Once I beat the game (and maybe after I catch all Gen 8 Pokemon), I'll probably post my full thoughts of the game on this forum.
    i think i played through the entire game without using any exp candies and still was way overleveled, although i was catching literally everything T-T
    One thing I will say about my Nuzlocke comic is that it will be very story-heavy, while still based on my playthrough of my Nuzlocke run. So don't expect my comic to just tell the Nuzlocke part of my story. I'm pretty sure 70% of it will be story-focused.
    Also, I know I'm gonna disappoint some of you guys, but I'm skipping Sword and Shield. It just doesn't look like a good game to me, what with the reused models, cut Pokemon and moves, barren wild area, and overall feeling like a step backwards for the franchise. I'm sure you disagree with my point of view, but that's just how I feel. I'm not stopping you from enjoying the game, though.
    Currently planning out my Platinum nuzlocke. Hopefully I can have this done instead of scrapping it like my earlier runs.
    I'm gonna have my gaming desktop set up today in the afternoon. I can't wait to give my new baby a spin and mod Skyrim with ENB and high-quality textures!
    Out of the two old Nuzlocke projects, I'm thinking of redoing Guardians of the Lake first, and make it a Platinum run instead of a Diamond run. Plus, making it a comic instead of a fanfiction would be a lot more appealing. I've gotten a few experience with comics thanks to other projects like FEAR SAGA and Brotherhood.
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