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  • It's soon gonna be Christmas. Let's celebrate with an SFM retelling of A Christmas Carol.

    So, I've started playing Pokemon Shield, since I wanted to give these games a chance. So far, it's not the worst game, but it's not that good, although I have yet to beat the first gym (but my GMax Eevee is already over Level 30 because of these broken Exp Candies. O.O). Once I beat the game (and maybe after I catch all Gen 8 Pokemon), I'll probably post my full thoughts of the game on this forum.
    i think i played through the entire game without using any exp candies and still was way overleveled, although i was catching literally everything T-T
    One thing I will say about my Nuzlocke comic is that it will be very story-heavy, while still based on my playthrough of my Nuzlocke run. So don't expect my comic to just tell the Nuzlocke part of my story. I'm pretty sure 70% of it will be story-focused.
    Also, I know I'm gonna disappoint some of you guys, but I'm skipping Sword and Shield. It just doesn't look like a good game to me, what with the reused models, cut Pokemon and moves, barren wild area, and overall feeling like a step backwards for the franchise. I'm sure you disagree with my point of view, but that's just how I feel. I'm not stopping you from enjoying the game, though.
    Currently planning out my Platinum nuzlocke. Hopefully I can have this done instead of scrapping it like my earlier runs.
    I'm gonna have my gaming desktop set up today in the afternoon. I can't wait to give my new baby a spin and mod Skyrim with ENB and high-quality textures!
    Out of the two old Nuzlocke projects, I'm thinking of redoing Guardians of the Lake first, and make it a Platinum run instead of a Diamond run. Plus, making it a comic instead of a fanfiction would be a lot more appealing. I've gotten a few experience with comics thanks to other projects like FEAR SAGA and Brotherhood.
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