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    Brock n' Roll

    Defeat Brock using only Normal-types (excluding the partner Eevee in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee).
  13. 50


    Defeat Misty without using Grass-types or status moves.
  14. 50

    Falkner? I Barely Know 'Er!

    Sweep Falkner with a Zubat.
  15. 50

    Bugsy Mogues

    Sweep Bugsy with a Togepi or Togetic.
  16. 50

    Put On the Red Light, Roxanne

    Defeat Roxanne without using any damage-dealing Water-, Grass-, or Fighting-type moves.
  17. 50


    Defeat Brawly using only your Granite Cave catch.
  18. 50

    Noah's Roark

    Defeat Roark and switch out at least three Pokemon against his Cranidos.
  19. 50

    Gardenia of Eden

    Defeat Gardenia using only your Eterna Forest catch.
  20. 50

    Watercress Salad with Cilantro and Chili Flakes

    Defeat Chili, Cress, or Cilan using only your starter.
  21. 50

    Lenora Sphere

    Defeat Lenora with one of your Pokemon surviving a boosted Retaliate from her Watchog (may not be in the Roggenrola line).
  22. 50

    I Think I've Found Myself a Cherenleader

    Defeat Cheren without using your starter or Floccesy Ranch catch.
  23. 50

    Roxie You Like a Hurricane

    Defeat Roxie and get all of your Pokemon poisoned in the process.
  24. 50

    Rule Violation

    Defeat Viola with an early-route rodent or bug.
  25. 50

    Flagrant Foul

    Defeat Grant with a fossil Pokemon.
  26. 100

    The Wrong Generation

    Complete at least two pairs of original games and their remakes (for example, one pair could consist of Red and FireRed).
  27. 100

    Ultimate Edition

    Complete a Nuzlocke of every 'third version' game (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black 2/White 2, Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon).
  28. 100


    Complete a Nuzlocke with a cumulative ruleset difficulty of five or more.
  29. 100

    No Gods or Kings

    Complete a Nuzlocke using only Pokemon ranked B+ or below throughout the run.
  30. 100


    Complete a Nuzlocke in which you only use five team slots.
  31. 100

    Back to Mono

    Complete a Nuzlocke without using a single dual-type Pokemon.
  32. 100

    Dual of the Fates

    Complete a Nuzlocke using only dual-type Pokemon.
  33. 100

    New Is Always Better

    Complete a Nuzlocke using only Pokemon introduced in the region in which the game takes place (may not be done in Kanto games or Black/White).
  34. 100

    Fair Fight

    When facing a Gym Leader, have only as many Pokemon on your team as they have on theirs.
  35. 100

    Mirror Move

    Defeat a rival, evil team boss, Gym Leader, Elite Four member, or Champion with a team identical to their own.
  36. 100

    You've Got a Friend in Me

    Use your starter to sweep an Elite Four member or Champion without any setup.
  37. 100

    Surge Protector

    Defeat Surge without using any Pokemon that resistant or are immune to Electric-type moves.
  38. 100

    Amerika the Beautiful

    Defeat Erika using only Water-types, excluding Gyarados.
  39. 100

    Whitneysing a Murder

    GSC: Defeat Whitney by using Rollout. HGSS: Defeat Whitney with Pokemon that have evolved once and are level 20 or under.
  40. 100

    Absolutely Mortyfied

    Defeat Morty while making at least one of his Pokemon Struggle itself to death.
  41. 100

    Elementary, My Dear Wattson

    Defeat Wattson without a Fire-, Fighting-, or Ground-type on your team.
  42. 100

    Flannery O'Verheat

    Defeat Flannery while keeping a Pokemon weak to Fire in battle for at least three full turns.
  43. 100

    Maylene Mean Fighting Machine

    Defeat Maylene using only HP draining moves (all non-damaging moves are also fair game).
  44. 100

    Wake Up, Sheeple!

    Defeat Wake using only Pokemon you can catch in the Great Marsh and their evolutions.
  45. 100

    Iceburgh Lettuce

    Defeat Burgh using only Bug-type Pokemon.
  46. 100

    Queen Elesabeth II

    Defeat Elesa without any of your Pokemon ever getting paralyzed.
  47. 100


    Defeat Korrina with a Pokemon weak to Fighting.
  48. 100


    Defeat Ramos without using any moves above 60 base power.
  49. 150

    D.S. al koga

    Yellow: Defeat Koga without missing a single move. Other Kanto Games: Defeat Koga by making at least one of his Pokemon use Self-Destruct.
  50. 150

    Sabrina the Cheating Witch

    Defeat Sabrina using only a Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan.
  51. 150

    How Much Wood Would Chuck Chuck?

    Defeat Chuck by only using HM moves or TM moves obtained from other Gym Leaders.
  52. 150

    Smooth Jas

    Defeat Jasmine with a Dark-type Pokemon or a Pokemon that has a Fairy typing in later generations.
  53. 150

    Where Norman Has Gone Before

    Defeat Norman by inflicting at least two of his Pokemon with (non-volatile) status conditions.
  54. 150

    Winona Flyder

    Sweep Winona with a Grass-, Bug-, or Fighting-type.
  55. 150

    Fantina of the Opera

    Defeat Fantina using only Ghost-types.
  56. 150


    Defeat Byron without using any super effective or STAB moves.
  57. 150


    Defeat Clay without using any super effective moves.
  58. 150

    Skyla White

    Sweep Skyla with a Pokemon weak to Flying.
  59. 150

    Oh My Darlin' Clemontine

    Defeat Clemont with only Flying- or Water-types.
  60. 150

    High Valeriean

    Defeat Valerie using only Dragon-types.
  61. 200


    Complete at least one Nuzlocke in every region, with each run having five deaths or fewer.
  62. 200

    Share the Love

    Complete a Nuzlocke with every single starter from a generation of your choice (the starter must be on your final team and may not die).
  63. 200

    That Was Easy

    Complete a deathless Nuzlocke of a Level 4 difficulty game.
  64. 200

    Well, Technically...

    Complete a Nuzlocke without ever using TMs, move tutors, or move reminders.
  65. 200

    The Four Derps of the Apocalypse

    Take your starter, an early-game Bug, an early-game bird, and an early-game rodent to the Hall of Fame without any of them dying.
  66. 200

    The Dark Knight

    In every battle against a rival that has a starter Pokemon, use your own starter to take on your opponent’s starter.
  67. 200


    Recover from losing more than half your team in a single battle by going the rest of the run without another death.
  68. 200

    Go Fish

    Complete a Nuzlocke using only Pokemon that you acquired by fishing.
  69. 200

    Team Four Star

    Complete a Nuzlocke in which you only use four team slots.
  70. 200

    Run Killer

    Defeat Ultra Necrozma in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon without losing any team members.
  71. 200

    Team Effort

    Use every single Pokemon on your team in the Champion battle and in every Elite Four battle.
  72. 200

    Blaine as Day

    Defeat Blaine without a single Burn Heal in your inventory.
  73. 200

    Don Giovanni

    Sweep Giovanni with a Poison-type Pokemon.
  74. 200

    Small Pryce to Pay

    Defeat Pryce with Pokemon with base stat totals less than or equal to 400.
  75. 200

    I Can See Clairly Now

    OHKO all of Clair’s Pokemon without having any of your Pokemon over level 45.
  76. 200

    Tater Tots and Liza Beans

    Defeat Tate and Liza using only spread moves.
  77. 200

    Juan Question: What's In Your Wallace?

    Use Solarbeam to KO at least three of Juan’s/Wallace’s Pokemon.
  78. 200

    Candice Day Get Any Worse?

    Defeat Candice without using any 100% accurate moves.
  79. 200


    Defeat Volkner using only Pokemon that appear on any of Volkner’s or Flint’s in-game teams.
  80. 200

    Alpha Brycentauri

    Sweep Brycen with a Ground-type.
  81. 200

    Dr. Drayden feat. Iris Cube

    Defeat Drayden or Iris without using moves that do neutral damage.
  82. 200

    Marlon Off-Brando

    Defeat Marlon with a Pokemon that can learn Shell Smash.
  83. 200

    The Twelve Olympians

    Defeat Olympia in exactly twelve moves.
  84. 200


    Defeat Wulfric with one Pokemon, and use only special moves against his Cryogonal and only physical moves against his Avalugg.
  85. 300

    No Dupes!

    Complete at least five Nuzlockes of games that take place in the same region without ever using the same Pokemon twice.
  86. 300

    Deja Vu

    Complete two runs with identical final teams, with the runs taking place in different regions.
  87. 300

    Extreme Set Mode

    Complete a Nuzlocke without ever switching Pokemon out in battle.
  88. 300

    Gotta Catch 'Em All

    Successfully catch a Pokemon in every single pre-Elite Four area in the game.
  89. 300

    Deep Blue

    Complete a Nuzlocke with a rating of 3000 or higher.
  90. 300

    Oh Heal No

    Complete a Nuzlocke without using any Pokemon Centers or non-compulsory healing NPCs. In addition, Pokemon may only go in the box if they have full HP and PP and are not afflicted by any status conditions (catching Pokemon while your team is full is fine). This does not apply to the Generation I games, as the box doesn’t heal Pokemon.
  91. 300


    Complete a Nuzlocke without using any items apart from Key Items and HMs.
  92. 300

    Wildlife Preserver

    Complete a Nuzlocke without defeating a single wild Pokemon (or catching wild Pokemon that aren’t your first encounter in an area in the Let’s Go games).
  93. 300

    Three's a Crowd

    Complete a Nuzlocke in which you only use three team slots.
  94. 300


    Beat the Champion with zero net HP loss and no item use during the battle (held items are fine, though). More than one Pokemon must be used in the battle.
  95. 300

    High Risk, Low Reward

    Sweep a Gym Leader, Elite Four member, or Champion using a Pokemon with a 4x weakness to the opponent’s chosen type (the leader must have at least one Pokemon with a damage-dealing move of their chosen type).
  96. 300

    Hala At Your Boy

    Defeat Hala at the Pokemon League with a Pokemon you used against him in his kahuna battle.
  97. 300

    Oliviability Rankings

    Defeat Olivia using only D Rank or E Rank Pokemon.
  98. 300

    Tunanudle Casserole

    Defeat Nanu using Pokemon you obtained by fishing.
  99. 300

    If You're Hapu and You Know It

    Defeat Hapu with Pokemon that appear in Totem Battles, whether as Totem Pokemon or assist Pokemon.
  100. 300

    Bottom of the Barrel

    Complete a Nuzlocke using only Pokemon ranked C- or below throughout the run.
  101. 350

    Venus of Milo

    Sweep Milo with your Galar Mine no. 1 catch.
  102. 350

    A Nessasary Evil

    Defeat Nessa after she set up rain with Max Geyser.
  103. 350

    Das Kaboot

    Sweep Kabu with a burnt physical attacker.
  104. 350

    Allistar Beattle

    Sweep Bea/Allister with a Psychic-type/Normal-type.
  105. 350

    Absolutely Opalling

    Defeat Opal while answering all of her questions wrong. One Pokémon must stay in for at least two questions.
  106. 350

    Gourdies and Melonies

    Sweep Gordie/Melony with a Fire-type/Grass-type.
  107. 350

    Piers The Heavens

    Defeat Piers without using any super effective moves.
  108. 350

    Up to Raihandred

    Defeat Raihan while changing the battle's weather for 5 times.
  109. 350

    Raider Supreme

    Complete a documented Nuzlocke of a Gen 8 game that only used Pokémon that were obtained from Max Raid Battles.
  110. 350

    Dyna Blade

    Complete a documented Gen 8 Nuzlocke without Dynamaxing your Pokémon.
  111. 350

    The Kid Gloves Are Off

    Complete a documented Nuzlocke without using super effective moves or STAB moves.
  112. 500

    Ooo, Shiny!

    Used shiny clause in a documented run.
  113. 1000

    Graveyard, who?

    Post a documented deathless run.
  114. 1000

    Bug Maniac

    Complete a successful documented Bug-type monolocke
  115. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Fire-type monolocke
  116. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Fighting-type monolocke
  117. 1000

    Hex Maniac

    Complete a successful documented Ghost-type monolocke
  118. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Rock-type monolocke
  119. 1000

    Fairy Tale Girl

    Complete a successful documented Fairy-type monolocke
  120. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Dragon-type monolocke
  121. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Grass-type monolocke
  122. 1000

    Ruin Maniac

    Complete a successful documented Ground-type monolocke
  123. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Ice-type monolocke
  124. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Psychic-type monolocke
  125. 1000

    High-Tech Maniac

    Complete a successful documented Electric-type monolocke
  126. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Dark-type monolocke
  127. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Normal-type monolocke
  128. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Water-type monolocke
  129. 1000

    Bird Keeper

    Complete a successful documented Flying-type monolocke
  130. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Steel-type monolocke
  131. 1000


    Complete a successful documented Poison-type monolocke
  132. 2019

    ⭐️ 2019 Superfan ⭐️

    Thanks for showing some love to others this Extravaganza Season! You’re a star.
  133. 3000

    Kanto Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Kanto game.
  134. 3000

    Johto Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Johto game.
  135. 3000

    Hoenn Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Hoenn game.
  136. 3000

    Sinnoh Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Sinnoh game.
  137. 3000

    Unova Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Unova game.
  138. 3000

    Kalos Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Kalos game.
  139. 3000

    Alola Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Alola game.
  140. 3000

    Galar Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Galar game.
  141. 3000

    [REDACTED] Hall of Famer

    Successfully complete a documented run of a Hack Region game.
  142. 4000

    Conqueror of Mt. Battle

    Successfully complete a documented run of an Orre game.
  143. 5000

    And So it was Written

    Successfully complete your first documented Storylocke.
  144. 5000

    Hit Me With Your Best Screenshot

    Successfully complete your first documented Screenshot Run.
  145. 5000

    Logged and Loaded

    Successfully complete your first documented Written Log.
  146. 5000

    A Panel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    Successfully complete your first documented Comiclocke.
  147. 5000

    The Road Less Traveled

    Successfully complete your first documented Other Adventure run.
  148. 10000

    King of All Nuzlockers

    Complete a documented Nuzlocke of every single vanilla Pokémon game, including different versions.